Sebastien Chion // Directeur Artistique


Mon travail tel que vu par les autres.


+ Denis Fortier, President @ Alias Clic
“I warmly recommend Sebastien as an Art Director. His work is always reaching client expectation, in every domain. Sebastien is responsible, he’s involved in project and participate in the team dynamism. He knows how to be critic and how to give a great quality control in order to respect graphic norm. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.” November 2011.

+ Louve, Fire Artist
“Sebastien knew how to make my website a true piece of art. Instead of creating a simple and nice website, he came up with a little universe of navigation, which was a perfect mirror of my own personal project. Knowing how to translate concept to images, Sebastien has the intelligence of the designer, the creativity of the artist, the flexibility of the tailor and the efficiency of a chinese. I’ll definitely recommend his work.” August 2011.

+ Dominique Chion, CTO & Cofounder @ inZair
“Sébastien did a great job for us, fulfilling our request perfectly, respecting the deadlines on the different contracts we gave him. We will work again with him with no hesitation, as we recommend his expertise with pleasure.” July 2011.

+ Grégoire Morisse, Searcher @ Etp
“Sébastien created a new Logo for the Experimental Therapeutics Program (ETP), and a new design of buisness cards for each individuals in our group. He worked fast, and came up with very interesting ideas. He was able to adapt his first draft to our specification, and everybody in our team was satisfied with the result.” May 2011.

+ Tasha Kissoon, Owner @ Drummore Corp
“I have entrusted Mr. Chion on various occasions with assignments which have been fulfilled with the highest degree of mature professionalism, creative originality, skill and accuracy. His work reflects his resourcefulness, efficiency, punctuality and is achieved with great initiative, competence and enthusiasm.  Above all, I have always found him honest, sincere and dedicated to the task in hand. I do highly recommend Mr. Chion to any position that merits his qualification and expertise.” September 2010.

+ Marc-Andre Perreault, Project Manager @ Canoë
“Sebastian is a master in his art. A mix of Engineering and Design, he as completed high quality deliverables in the time pressure. Sebastian was able to solve problems in creative ways without impacting the time and efforts of the projects. They say that asking questions is a sign of intelligence, in short he is very smart. I would recommend this guy for any creative projects that requires special expectation.” March 2009.

+ Rémi Bonneau, MGP, PMP, Project Manager @ Canoë
“As a Flash Designer, Sebastien quickly understands the clients needs and always produces a high quality work. Sebastien was part of some of my projects at Canoe, and those projects have always been delivered with success, aligned with the clients expectations.” November 2008.

+ François Leduc, CASM President @ Club d’Apnée Sportive de Montréal
“Sébastien was creative and professional in all the different project he had to work on. He knew how to use compromise and unilateral decision to satisfy all 8 comity members and produce a final design that please every one. ” July 2008.

+ Guylaine Bourgeois, Co-president and Designer @ Vizio Design
“…worked on different contract for us, and all of them was solve with great professionalism, always on time. I strongly recommend his services, to anyone looking for a fast and serious partner…”. October 2007.

+ Manon Richard, President @ Blak Kat
“… was really professional and knew how to respect really short timing, by giving back superior quality result. We will work again with him without hesitation, because we appreciate is multi-disciplinary skills and his flexibility, his imagination and his designer competences. We also appreciate a lot his human quality…”. May 2007.

+ Guylaine Bourgeois, Co-president and Designer @ Vizio Design
“…worked on different contract for us, and all of them was solve with great professionalism, always on time. I strongly recommend his services, to anyone looking for a fast and serious partner… “. February 2007.

+ Aurelia Wagneur, Graphic Designer Freelance
“I had to work with him a few time in the past. I can confirm his professionalism witch, with is technical control, allow the project to be completed on time. I strongly recommend his services and will work with him again without hesitation”. January 2007.

+ Pierre-Paul St-Onge, coordinator @ UQAM
“We are really satisfied of his service. He had always been polite, available and conscientious. We strongly recommend him.” September 2006.

+ Jacynthe Huneault, Creative Director and Owner @ Uno Design
“… he was involved in various project, and denote by his meticulousness, his great creativity and his good judgement. He’s a trustful partner that I strongly recommend…”. April 2006.